Sculptures From The Soul – Beatriz Gerenstein

Solo Exhibition

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21th January – 4th February, 2020
Opening: 21th January, 2020 – 7:30 p.m.

Opening Hours: Monday: 10:00/13:00;
From Tuesday to Friday: 15:30/19:00;
Thursday: 10:00/12:30; Saturday: 10:00/19:00

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For the Bologna 2020 Art Week, SimonBart Gallery of Viale Filopanti and Via Rizzoli, in collaboration with Campogrande Concept, offers a dialogue between the contemporary sculptures of the Argentine artist Beatriz Gerenstein and the ancient spaces of Palazzo Rossi Poggi Marsili. The exhibition will be inaugurated at the presence of the artist on 21th January 2020. 

The idea is to connect two apparently distant worlds, but both driven by the desire for a positive behavior “of men for men” and by the urgent need of making tangible a message that can be today the foundation of tomorrow’s society.

The elegant palace safeguards the painting gallery of ASP Città di Bologna, born from the merger of the three largest former Opere Pie of Bologna, of which it has also acquired the huge historical and artistic heritage. The prestigious collection and the interior of the building are the representation of very high moral values ​​such as altruism and charity.  Donating works of art to the institutions has never been something dedicated to commemorating the donor over time, but it is a custom for those who firmly believe in an ethical and moral activism that involves the whole community in a cultural growth. The gift is thus conceived as a “total social fact”. Beatriz Gerenstein with The Gift, a work already exhibited in Venice during the last Biennale of Art, reminds us how life is given to us without explanations precisely to allow us infinite connections, building and sharing our personal social dimension through the exchange  with “the other”.

What really matters for Gerenstein is to convey a message of sharing through her creations that reveal a strongly eclectic and decisively transversal approach both from a technical and conceptual point of view. The works on display are almost all created in bronze with the traditional lost wax casting technique, some meet industrial paints, others use the material in its authenticity. Through colors, veils and sinuous forms, Gerenstein explores human feelings, such as love, joy, pain, spirituality.

Palazzo Rossi Poggi Marsili is therefore the right place to welcome Gerenstein’s artworks and the exhibition Sculptures from the soul: a journey into the feelings of the human being that describes the founding values ​​of humanity and of the “civilized” society. In a world full of violence, selfishness and greed, the Argentine artist decides to describe the best aspect of humanity, where positive energies work to make a real change.