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June – September, 2019

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For the summer of 2019 Simon Bart Gallery presents Poltu Quatu – Porto di Cultura, an annual event of art for selected sites in the beautiful village of Poltu Quatu, hidden treasure of the Costa Smeralda. From this year the village hosts artworks by internationally renowned artists among its avenues, in the main passages and close to the elegant fjord that distinguishes it, thus combining art and landscape in a mix of wonder and authenticity.

Walking through the streets of Poltu Quatu it is possible to meet, among many others, the artworks signed by Gianfranco Meggiato, Vasily Klyukin, Dario Tironi and Sabrina Ferrari, an itinerary that accompanies the public to the two main focuses of the event, the solo shows of Beatriz Gerenstein and Aleandro Roncarà. In fact, the project include the presentation of some artistic researches that from time to time will be selected and shown in the exhibition rooms of the Simon Bart Gallery.

The exhibitions of Aleandro Roncarà and Beatriz Gerenstein, which will open to the public on August 10th and 17th respectively, reflect on contemporary society, focusing their research on the relationship between time and feelings. In fact, for Aleandro Roncarà, the speed of contemporary world is the cause of the superficiality with which we let slip some fundamental details of everyday life, details that with cheerful irony he tries to capture and highlight in his dynamic works. Beatriz Gerenstein, on the other hand, slows down the observer’s gaze and transports it into microcosms of peace, sculptures in which she holds her considerations on love and life now debased by the speed and futility of modern society. Two sides of the same coin, therefore, that with different languages analyze the present and the birth of new individual and collective identities, loaded with their essential historical-cultural features.

Poltu Quatu – Porto di Cultura is based on the idea of an art without borders, a free and universal art, a project that aims at diffuse and give value to contemporary artistic culture.