Poltu Quatu – Porto di Cultura | Aleandro Roncarà

Solo Exhibition

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June – September, 2019
Opening: August 10th, 2019 – 7:30 p.m.

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For the summer of 2019 Simon Bart Gallery presents Poltu Quatu – Porto di Cultura, an annual event of art for selected sites in the beautiful village of Poltu Quatu, hidden treasure of the Costa Smeralda. From this year the village hosts artworks by internationally renowned artists among its avenues, in the main passages and close to the elegant fjord that distinguishes it, thus combining art and landscape in a mix of wonder and authenticity.

Aleandro Roncarà presents a selection of works in which he translates the gray and unnerving modern society into an imaginary world, where the daily frenzy turns into a lively game of colors, among which it is possible to see characters with exasperated characteristics, caricatures, figures symbol of our everyday life, like the Centòmini, the protagonist of Mondorondo, the parallel universe created by the artist, in which Centòmini is a common hero who does not respect the stereotypes of contemporary aesthetics and hardly honors the conventions, “is small but has the strength, the wisdom and intelligence of a hundred men”(A. Roncarà). For the art project, Roncarà has also realized a site-specific work in the port of Poltu Quatu village, painting one of the cranes used for the movement of boats. A piece of his colorful world thus invades the reality to allow the public to dive lightly, at any time, in an existence only made of color and passion.

Poltu Quatu – Porto di Cultura is based on the idea of an art without borders, a free and universal art, a project that aims at diffuse and give value to contemporary artistic culture.