Figure Futuribili – Dario Tironi

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May 3rd – May 13th, 2018
Opening: May 3rd, 2018 – 11:30 a.m.

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During the Festival della Scienza Medica 2018, in the museum spaces of the Collezione delle Cere Anatomiche “Luigi Cattaneo” in Bologna, will be exhibited some sculptures by the artist Dario Tironi from Bergamo.

Dario Tironi, through a careful selection and a complex assembly of everyday waste objects, chosen also and above all for their evocative power, conquers an indefinable time that allows to reflect on the social condition of contemporary man, enhancing the recycling of used material as a new malleable material to create human figures coming from an unspecific future and able to move.

The materials that Tironi uses are in fact products of the contemporary “Plastic Age”: accessories, technological devices, toys and dolls, household appliances and ornaments, gadgets of all kinds and mass products, which describe our cultural identity, our aesthetic taste but also, in virtue of their obsolescence, the futile desires and induced needs.

The sculptures achieve surprising expressive results, thanks to the constant reference to the paradigms of classicism. The legacy of the classical tradition represent, in fact, an essential reference point for the artist. This above all respecting the anatomical proportions so well studied also by illustrious wax sculptors.

Tironi shapes the human figure to go beyond the figure of contemporary man and study his social and psychological pathologies. The dialogue of his works with the prestigious collection of anatomical waxes “Luigi Cattaneo” is therefore stimulating, because the physical pathologies, represented in the wax models created for scientific purposes, can be analogous to the social difficulties that the contemporary man has in dealing with the consumeristc logics of a society full of contrasts.

An explosion of colors and vibrant vitality characterizes Tironi’s sculptures, and the playful and ironic sense of his artistic research makes him an authentic contemporary Arcimboldo.