City Lights – Ziv Cooper

Solo Exhibition

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July 28th – August 18th, 2018
Opening: July 28th, 2018 – 7:30 p.m.

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For the 2018 exhibition season the SimonBart Gallery of Porto Cervo and Poltu Quatu is pleased to present the latest works by the Israeli artist Ziv Cooper.

On display urban landscapes of Neo-Impressionist origin where light and color transform the immaterial into tangible reality. Ziv Cooper’s paintings, indeed, arise as instruments capable of modulating and fragmenting the light beam, the chiaroscuro impresses on the canvas city views that vanish into perspective and turn into dreamlike scenarios. As in a dream, the artist recomposes images of the cities he passes through, transcribing on canvas the snapshots of moments in which natural and artificial light highlight the characteristics of the urban space.

The common denominator of the paintings is the light, an elegant one able to create particularly dense and unrepeatable atmospheres for each landscape: “Light is the main player of all my works – Cooper states – although it has a unique effect on each of them. The subject of light gives me the opportunity to expand and extend my limits to different places and themes, painting the main elements of the urban landscape: the invisible ones that change the face of things”.

To give life to his works full of light, Ziv Cooper modifies the ancient technique of overlapping the layers of color: with quick and synthetic brushstrokes he suggests the idea of reverberation, of the diffused glow of the warm sunsets or of the gloomy metropolitan days where the water becomes a mirror by multiplying the light rays. He mainly paints “wet on wet, without letting the layers dry completely, to create new layers by working with transparent colours”, as he himself admits, thus creating a combination of luminous, transparent, reflected and obscured facades that restore the richness of each view.

The structuring role of light redefines shapes and surfaces giving life to clean and solid volumes. The formal outcome of the buildings’ facades characterises the architectural language of the different longitudes to which they refer and document their living culture. The vertical and horizontal lines, curves and wisely harmonised geometries give life to an architectural language, almost stenographic, where the useful and the beautiful symmetrically agree.

Finally, in the works of Cooper the light describes and reveals but also has the ability to slow down time. Time is the dimension that completes the vision, giving back to the viewer the sensations of that pause for reflection in which everything is reduced and the colours and noises diminish.