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Through the Darkness III
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Bra is an Italian artist born in Rovigo in 1962.

Having started his professional career in advertising in 1985 as an illustrator, he specialised in hyper-realism and produced hundreds of works over a period of thirty years. Throughout his career he has worked for many of the leading national and international brands, the likes of: Aermec, Algida, Aperol, Apple, Atlas filtri, Bata, Bailo, Benetton, Bticino, Came, Carrera, Colmar, Dainese, De Longhi, Electrolux, Eminflex, Ennerev, Eridania, Fiat, Floritalia, Interflora, Hewing, Inglesina, Lange, Lowara, Luxottica, Mazda, Mc Cain, Mercedes, Nec, Pepsi Cola, Peugeot, RAI, Rana, Remsa, Renault, Risport skates, Rossignol, Safilo, Smith lenses, Tuborg, Venini and others still; he has freelanced for many major international advertising agencies, to name but a few: McCann Erikson, J.Walter Thompson, Young & Rubicam, Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi and Saatchi, TBWA. His profound love of illustration has never waned, and his innate personal passion for drawing and painting have led him to produce a series of drawings and paintings using classic techniques, from pencil to charcoal and chalk on paper, through to painting with acrylics on canvas and plaster. His realist paintings focus mostly on representing the beauty and complexity of faces and human bodies, without scorning the production of works of a metaphysical flavour, where social denouncement is mixed with the sophisticated representative technique. The works where the presence of a person who is a victim of a paradoxical situation, but by no means less real, are generally large in size and they show the Artist’s confidence in putting himself out there without reverential fear of the spectator, and so his works that represent female subjects aim at paying homage to beauty without indulging in the pursuit of captivating backdrops, almost as if wishing to demonstrate that the pureness of the trait requires no choreographic support. Of particular interest is this new phase of creative and expressive research, where his works reflect the artist’s imagination, who with a decidedly bolder trait, extracts faces and figures who relive a new communicative experience, reinforced by the skilful use of media which endow them with a considerable visual impact. For serveral years he has strengthen his interest and his research within the artistic field, featuring his creations within solo and collective exhibitions in museums and art galleries at a national/international level.